November 19, 2020
The all-new Coaster 650 Plus, is so good, that it immediately won the Design Innovation Award for 2020, competing against many new boats in 2020, at the Genoa Boat Show.

The hull of the C-650 is one of the most successful hulls ever built in Italy. The layout is based on a more sociable approach to leisurely boating by incorporating a seating bench aft that converts to a great sunbed. At Nautimar, we sold several Coaster 650 throughout the years and we look forward to seeing the C-650 PLUS soon in our waters.

Meanwhile, the Barracuda range gets a smaller version: The Coaster 580 Barracuda will be officially introduced next March. Building on the vast experience and success of her bigger sister the C650 Barracuda, the smaller C580 Barracuda is equally impressive. The market required a boat with excellent fishing capabilities but within the 6-meter pocket. Joker Boat acted on this demand and presented the C580, a boat that retains all high-end fishing qualities and incorporates a new hull.

See the Coaster 650 PLUS here: https://jokerboat.com/coaster-650/

See the Coaster 580 Barracuda here: https://www.barcheamotore.com/joker-coaster-580-barracuda