March 17, 2021

We introduce to you Sailing.Holiday, a portal that gives you the opportunity to Explore the World, discover new destinations and experience sailing in places beyond your comfort zone.

Places where only your imagination can take you and at a very affordable price. If you don’t know sailing – no worries: we can guide you on obtaining a skipper and even, a hostess to take care of your holiday needs.

At Nautimar Marine, we have a 20-year experience in booking bareboat & skippered sailing yachts, for your ultimate Sailing Holiday. A natural step forward was to expand our offering to cover just about all the fleet operators in Greece but also expand our booking coverage worldwide. Yes, that’s right! Because some people want to elevate their experience and to go sailing in Bora-Bora, Cuba or even explore the Arctic. Yes, even up there, we can arrange for a sailing yacht! Through our new portal, we offer more than 9800 yachts from 750+ fleet operators in 420+ destinations in 50+ countries.

Our objective also focuses on expanding the available yachts in Greece.  Now we can offer yachts from just about every fleet operator. This makes it possible to charter any of almost 2900 yachts from 240+ operators in 56+ destinations throughout Greece.

Try it out. It is designed with the enquiring customer in mind. Search by Area or Yacht Model and Vessel Category. Search by the number of Cabins you need or the Yacht’s Age. Set your budget limitations too if you want.  It’s FUN. Play around and locate what’s your favorite yacht at your favorite destination and just let us know. Just click HERE and let your holiday planning begin.