Sundeck Yachts 430S. Cruise-Fish-Sport

September 26, 2020

Sundeck Yachts reveals the much-awaited SY-430S. 

With a versatile deck layout, a 2-cabin/2-bath lower deck and a top speed close to 40 knots, the SY430S will take you far and fast. Inherent, is also the excellent economy in lower speeds, where the SY430S promises long explorations in faraway places as well.

Built to ocean going specs and certified as CE-A, the new SY430S is a very special boat that guarantees great times on the water with a very ergonomic layout. Clients have a choice of power in 3 different diesel choices driving shafts, as well as an outboard version (model 440S) that exceeds 40 knot top speed. The vacuum infused hull performs beautifully across the range. The hardtop is built out of carbon for strength and lightness. Sundeck, being a small high-end builder, allows for several possible customizations on the finishes of your boat, making them very unique and personalized to your taste and liking. This, makes every Sundeck Yacht a unique boat reflecting the owner’s lifestyle. Optionally, owners can install a gyro stabilization system for that ultimate stability and comfort available.