October 6, 2020

We are delighted and proud to announce that the latest Invictus Yacht TT460.

Recently presented in Genoa at Salone Nautico Internazionale has been chosen as Winner of the Design Innovation Awards 2020 as “Best Motorboat 10m to 24m“.

This excellent yacht defines this raising segment of yachting, that of the large deck yacht with comfortable accommodations for overnight (or few nights’) stay. This segment saw great success the last few years with increased choices available. Out of all choices out there, the Invictus TT460, sets the standard of quality, finesse and design! No wonder it was named Best Motorboat between 10 to 24 meters, an award that is selected out of dozens of new boats.

Powered by a pair of Volvo IPS650 pods with joystic control, this is a fast boat that can take you quickly to your anchorages and makes maneuvering in tight spaces a child’s play. It can also comfortably cruise at more economical, leisurely paces to enjoy the run. The deck layout is excellent. It ensures that you and your guests will have a fantastic time on the water and the yacht provides all the amenities for a superior luxury experience.

You can explore this award-winning yacht, here: